Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

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Windows 7 Home Premium License Download

Easier to use

Improved desktop navigation features like Snap, Peek and Shake, make it easier to manage all of your open windows and documents.

Jump Lists put the documents you want handy and the ones youve used recently just a couple clicks away.

Find virtually anything on your PC €œ from documents to songs to email €œ just by typing a word or two with Windows Search.

Creating a home network has never been easier with HomeGroup.

You can even share files and printers with all the Windows 7 PCs on the network.


Windows 7 gives you new ways to personalize your computers desktop with a look and feel that suits who you are. There is a selection of themes and wallpapers that range from peaceful landscapes to colorful characters. Desktop slide show displays a rotating series of pictures, ours or yours.

You can customize any aspect of a theme €œ sounds, color, backgrounds or screensavers.

It`s Faster

Designed to make your PC start up, shut down and respond faster.

Connecting to wireless networks is fast and easy.

Pull Your Stuff Together with the Cloud

Get free online storage for your files, photos and videos with Windows Live SkyDrive.

Sync files on your PCs automatically with Windows Live Mesh.

Share photos during video chats with Windows Live Messenger.

Simplifies Everyday Tasks

Simple to use


Manage lots of open programs, documents, and browser windows easily with thumbnail and full-screen previews of open windows.


Open files and get around your PC faster with the improved taskbar. You can easily pin programs you use often to the taskbar and launch them in just one click.

Jump Lists

Open files you use regularly in just two clicks with Jump Lists on the improved taskbar.


Windows 7 has simple new ways to manage open windows. For example, with Snap you can arrange two windows side-by-side just by dragging them to opposite sides of your screen.

Peek and Shake

Windows 7 lets you peek behind open windows to get a quick look at your desktop.

Windows Search

Instantly locate and open virtually any file on your PC, from documents to emails to songs, right from the Start menu, with Windows Search.

Easy to connect

Wireless setup

With Windows 7, setting up wireless connections is easier with consistent, one-click connections to available networks, whether those networks are based on Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, dial-up, or corporate VPN.


Connect Windows 7 PCs on a home network in just four clicks and easily get to the photos, music, and files on each one–even share printers–with HomeGroup.

Safeguard your hard work.

Advanced Backup and Restore makes it easier to keep your work safely backed up to external or network drives and accessible if you need it.

File encryption helps keep proprietary and confidential information on a PC secure if it is lost or stolen.

Easily add your PC to a secured, managed, network with domain join capabilities.

Group policy controls help administrators more easily and effectively manage the security and configuration of multiple PCs.

System Requirements

Platform: Windows 7 32-bit / 64-bit

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Item Quantity: 1

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