Payment Options

Credit Card
Eway:   Visa, Mastercard,

PayPal:   Visa, Mastercard American Express

Order By Phone.

Credit Card Mastercard or Visa Phone through details on 07 41528020

Direct Deposit.

IMPORTANT — please read:
Please make sure you include Name in the space provided called message, reference or description on the payanyone / bank transfer online forms.

*** If paying at an ANZ branch, in the space referred to as agent number please use a unique 4 digit number on the branch deposit forms. Please email confirmation including the branch location and the four digits you used to identify your payment.

Also please email us confirmation of payment with the reference you used to identify your payment.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Direct deposits online usually take 24 hours to appear in the account. If deposited online, if possible copy and paste the receipt as your confirmation of payment email.

Bank Cheque or Money Order.
Optional-It is advisable that your money order or bank cheque be sent via registered post (safest) to the following address:

54 Miles St, Bundaberg QLD 4670,

International Customers

Please use PayPal to make payments.
Your purchase will be posted within 24 hours of payment clearance.