Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2012 4 Core




Microsoft SQL Server 2012 4 Core License


  • Manufacturer Part:  7NQ-00215
  • License Quantity:     4 Core
  • Platform:  Windows
  • Delivery:  Digital


Implementing complex databases and sensitive data into your system? Get set up with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 4 Core License . With this 4 core license, you will meet Microsoft’s minimum requirement of 4 cores per server installation. SQL Server 2012 Core is the complete solution of a 4 core installation in one package, and with that you can issue an unlimited amount of users to your server database. Your business can remotely access your SQL Server database with this software, and can manage your data integrity with ease. Microsoft’s most versatile database management program will give you the most flexible tools in order to securely manipulate your data for your needs.