Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2008 R2 64 BIT With 5 CAL


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Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2008 R2 64 Bit

Maximize control over your infrastructure while providing unprecedented availability and management capabilities, leading to a significantly more secure, reliable, and robust server environment than ever before
Gives you the ability to deliver rich web-based experiences efficiently and effectively, with improved administration and diagnostics, development and application tools, and lower infrastructure costs
Built-in server virtualization technology enables you to reduce costs, increase hardware utilization, optimize your infrastructure, and improve server availability
Hardened operating system and security innovations, including Network Access Protection, Federated Rights Management, and Read-Only Domain Controller, provide unprecedented levels of protection for your network, your data, and your business
New technologies and features such as Server Core, PowerShell, Windows Deployment Services, and enhanced networking and clustering technologies

System Requirements

Media: Digital Delivery
Item Quantity: 1 License With 5 CALS

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